Brief Description of Heat Sink Characteristics

Heat sink are classified as “passive heat dissipation components” in the field of electronic engineering design,raw materials for heat sinks are mainly aluminium or copper, with excellent thermal conductivity and light weight. Aluminum alloy is the most common material with various manufacturing methods to product different types of heat sinks with various thermal conductivity; to reduce thermal resistance effectively. They are currently the most widely used heat dissipation components in electronics industry. HIGHTECH can evaluate optimizes thermal conductivity and heat sink area of the heat sink based on different requirement and application of products and propose customized products and technical proposals. MORE

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HighTech Components Co., Ltd. has established more than 30 years in manufacturing heat sink products, we are highly experienced and have innovative technique. We have devoted ourselves to provide the high-quality and efficient service to the local and international clients who engage in electronic appliance equipment. Nowadays, HighTech has cooperated with many local famous clients and kept the relationships as long-term, and it results in that we are positioned as the top heat sink manufacturer in Taiwan compared with the other suppliers.MORE